One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching


Ankita Doshi

5 sessions of 90 minutes

₹ 25,000

(plus applicable taxes)

If you have questions about the program, call Ankita at (+91) 8778959211 or email us at

Deep Dive Into The Magic of One-on-One Coaching

Coaching Vs Therapy

What Awaits You in One-on-One Coaching

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What They Say

Thanks to Ankita's life coaching sessions, my life has gained a newfound clarity. The learning experience has been invaluable, introducing me to new concepts and techniques that contribute to a more fulfilling life. I'm genuinely happy with the entire process and am eager to continue learning from Ankita.


    Ankita's coaching has been an eye-opener for me. What's remarkable is how relatable Ankita's guidance is, making me realize that everything in life is connected to concepts we already know. Stepping out of my comfort zone, as I've learned, isn't as challenging as it seems. This course has helped me understand myself better and view the world through a new, fun, and optimistic lens.


      Ankita has been an incredible source of support when I found myself without answers to numerous questions. I am truly grateful for her patient listening and confident responses to all my inquiries. Ankita's visionary approach is truly admirable, and the energy she brings to each session has the power to set things right. I extend my heartfelt thanks for the warmth, positivity, and love she consistently shares.


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